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White Privilege

I’ve tried to think if there’s something I can write right now.  There’s nothing I can write that will change the world.  That’s desperately what I’d like to do.  Maybe I could write something that makes a tiny difference. A friend of mine who is in a better position to speak on the pain beingContinue reading “White Privilege”

An Angel

Some of God’s children are special beyond measure. They never lose their innocence and childlike wonder. I have a cousin who is like that. She taught me a lot. She has taught me about true joy.  She has taught me about true happiness. The simple things in life would bring such a laugh. The kindContinue reading “An Angel”

Book Review 3: The Joseph Smith Translation. Precious Truths Restored

The Joseph Smith Translation.  Precious Truths Restored by W. Jeffrey Marsh Copyright 2002 ______________________ There are multiple ways I judge a book.  It can be so entertaining I can’t put it down.  I can feel enlightened by it, like I’m learning constantly through its pages.  Ideally a book does both.  I think this book moreContinue reading “Book Review 3: The Joseph Smith Translation. Precious Truths Restored”

My Coincidences

Have you ever noticed how easily we forget?  It’s a cliché statement on human nature – “humans have short memories,” but It’s so true.  Have you ever walked into work on Monday and been asked what you did over the weekend… and not be able to think of anything?  Sometimes it takes me 5-10 minutesContinue reading “My Coincidences”

Seer Stones

Imagine giving someone a spyglass in the year 600.  A spyglass is the refracting telescope you picture pirates using on the open sea before finding their target.  The sinister pirate stands on deck, extends the spyglass to its full length, looks through one small hole and sees what his own two eyes could barely makeContinue reading “Seer Stones”

Book Review 2: The Problem of Pain

The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis Copyright 1940 ________________________________ From the front cover: “The point about reading C.S. Lewis is that he makes you sure, whatever you believe, that religion accepted or rejected means something extremely serious, demanding the entire energy of mind.” Before starting this book, I was in the precarious position ofContinue reading “Book Review 2: The Problem of Pain”

Love is Powerful

I was once asked a question I surprisingly had never truly dived into.  What was different about the first time I met with the bishop when coming back to church?   Why did I come back? I’ve written about some of the coincidences leading to me getting to the Bishop’s office and ultimately coming back toContinue reading “Love is Powerful”

Light You Reflect

In a book titled It Was on Fire When I Lay on It by Robert Fulghum, he tells a story about when he asked Alexandros Papaderos the question, “what is the meaning of life?” Robert Fulghum relates that Dr. Papaderos pulled a small round mirror out of his wallet.  He said he had found theContinue reading “Light You Reflect”


I want to write about what I learned when I struggled with something at church.  I apologize for not going into specifics because I don’t want that to be the point.  I want to write about what I learned from my struggle.  To be clear, it was not a faith crisis.  It was a policy/decisionContinue reading “Policy”


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